Third-Party Website Use Policy for FortProUSA, Fortpro Digital Resources


This policy governs the use of images, videos, and product content ("Materials") owned by World Truck Parts, LLC and utilized by third-party websites in association with FortProUSA, Fortpro products and services. The intent is to ensure respect for the intellectual property rights of World Truck Parts, LLC while allowing for approved use of these Materials on third-party platforms.

Authorization Requirement

  1. General Prohibition: The use, reproduction, distribution, or display of FortProUSA's, Fortpro's images, videos, and product content by any website other than the authorized third-party website is strictly prohibited without the explicit written consent of World Truck Parts, LLC.

  2. Consent for Use: Third-party websites authorized to use FortProUSA's, Forpto's Materials must obtain direct consent from World Truck Parts, LLC. This consent outlines specific terms and conditions under which these Materials may be used, including but not limited to:

    • The scope of use
    • The duration of the authorization
    • Any specific attribution requirements

Compliance and Enforcement

  1. Monitoring and Enforcement: World Truck Parts, LLC reserves the right to monitor the use of its Materials on third-party websites to ensure compliance with this policy. Unauthorized use of the Materials may result in enforcement actions, including demands for removal, legal action for infringement, and termination of any agreements between World Truck Parts, LLC and the violating party.

  2. Removal Requests: Upon request by World Truck Parts, LLC, third-party websites must promptly remove any material used in violation of this policy or the specific terms of consent provided.


Third-party websites are solely responsible for ensuring that their use of FortProUSA's, Fortpro's Materials complies with this policy and all applicable laws. World Truck Parts, LLC will not be liable for any misuse of its Materials by third-party websites or for any legal consequences that may arise from such misuse.

Contact Information

For inquiries regarding the use of FortProUSA's, Fortpro's images, videos, and product content, or to obtain consent for use, please contact:

[Contact Information of World Truck Parts, LLC or designated department]